Pecan Crusted brie and apple slices-baked and served warm
Quesadilla - Grilled chicken, beef or cheese with salsa dip
Phyllo wraps - Filled with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella, spinach feta filling
Cheese - An array of domestic and imported cheeses

Cordon bleu tray -cold slices served with spicy mustard sauce
Stuffed mushrooms-with choice of fillings-sausage, crab, veggie
Bacon wraps-shrimp, pinneapple, water chestnuts, dates, and breadsticks
Raspberry-pear filled crepes-petite sized
Pesto cheese mold-layers of pesto with butterery cheese between
Meatballs-cran-bbq glazed
Roasted aspargus-wrapped with phillo, brushed with herbed olive oil

many more suggestions available upon request

Served Family style, buffet or plated

Whole roasted tenderloin - seasoned with garlic and black pepper
Roasted Marinated Tenderloin of Beef
served with a cognac-peppercorn sauce
Prime Rib of beef - herbed and roasted to perfection
Tenderloin tips - tender cubes of beef in rich gravy
Old fashioned pot roast - rich brown gravy tender slices of seasoned beef
Chicken parmesan - hand breaded chicken with parmesan and herbs
Chicken Parmesana - char grilled breasts with herbed marinara sauce
Orange glazed cornish hens - filled with wild rice
Roast herbed chicken - CJ's own blend of spices and herbs on baked chicken
Stuffed chicken breasts - cordon bleu, broccoli and cheese and asparagus and cheese or home made stuffing
Southern roasted pit ham - baked with maple glazing
Apple cinnamon pork loin - apple smoked pork loin served with grilled apple slices
Italian pork loin - herbed and oiled
Old fashioned pork loin - tender slices served with gravy and apple sauce
Turkey breast - oven roasted with gravy and dressing
Eggplant Parmesan topped with marinara sauce and provolone cheese served with spaghetti and garlic bread

Various fish and seafood selections available upon request
CJ has many other selections available upon request

Homemade Soups

Beef Barley - tender chunks of beef in rich tomato beef broth with carrots, celery and barley
Beef noodle - beef cubes in rich broth with carrots celery and noodles
Beef rice - Beef cubes veggies and wild rice in rich broth
Beef stew - Slow roasted chunks of beef, vegetables and potatoes
Broccoli cheese - swiss and cheddar blended base with tender broccoli pieces
Chicken noodle - Slow cooked pieces of chicken
Chicken rice - diced chicken, wild rice and veggies in seasoned broth
Cream Soups - Broccoli, cauliflower, mixed veggies, chicken, french celery, mushroom, tomato bleu cheese and zucchini
Fish chowder - cod, potatoes, whipping cream in rich broth
French onion - loads of simmered onions with provolone cheese and homade croutons
Lentel or split pea and ham - Smokey ham, onions in a lightly seasoned broth
Tomato wild rice - chunks of tomato in broth with wild rice
Potato - vegetarian or meat - cream soup
Veggie - loaded with mixed roasted veggies in a garlic tomato broth


 CJ,s offers a large selection of salads,here are some of the favorites;

Broccoli and cauliflower-with cheese, craisens, bacon bits and a sweet and sour  dressing.
Cucumber in sour cream- slices of cucumber and onion in dressing
Fresh fruit salad-mixed chunks of seasonal fruits
Mararoni-with cheese, peas, and a sweet dressing
Pasta- italian, tomato basil, ranch, bleu cheese and lemon pepper
Russian salad-leafy greens with raspberries, red onion and orange sections
Tomato mozzarella-layers of cheese and tomatoes with red onion and balsamic dressing